Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I've been up to today!

1. Girl Scout meeting. We decorated stockings to donate to a local group for underprivileged kids and talked about the new USDA guidelines that have replaced the food pyramid. Hopefully my girls go home and have learned a little bit about healthy eating!

2. Information session for a possible job opportunity. It's an organization that works to inspire social change, which is an important facet of all my research in my graduate program, and something that I strive for in whatever career path I take. Unfortunately, the information session was not quite what I expected.

3. Sewing on my swap item! Got up early this morning so that I could get that machine humming before I had to be running around for the day. I decided to throw some solids in because I don't have that many dark green prints, and I needed some additional values thrown in. While not all of those teeny squares match up exactly, I'm pretty darned happy with how it's turning out. Those blocks are a little over 11 inches square.

And now that I've thrown in another load of laundry I feel like working on some more blocks! :)

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