Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Bee Blocks Go Bad: A Halloween Horror Story

This looks like a perfectly delightful bee block, right?

I was pleased as punch that I sat down and sewed on my bee obligations, because those have been sitting to the side in favor of some other sewing obligations. And oh yeah, it's not September anymore...

And then I'm uploading everything to Flickr the other morning and posting the picture in our group, when I had the absolute worst sinking feeling in the world.

Charlotte's beautiful and correct block!

THIS is what the block is supposed to look like.

The worst part? I had the instructions next to me the entire time, but when it came time to turn the strip pieced block into HSTs I was all like "Oh, I know how to make a HST". I love when quilting teaches me life lessons...

Luckily Charlotte is like the nicest person in the world and said to send it anyways since she wants to make the back into a design that can fold over when on the bed.  

I'm still annoyed with myself.

[PS, I adore the color scheme, don't you?!]


  1. Oh no! Poor you! It looks really cool though, Rebecca.

  2. I love your block, and Charlotte really is great. Glad it all worked out.

  3. Aww shucks. Well it looks cool in its own way, and Charlotte is so gracious that she'll make something awesome of it!

  4. OH man, I nearly did the same thing, so I get how you did it. Looks great though, I'm sure it will work perfectly for the back :-)

  5. I'm glad you posted a photo Rebecca...ever since I heard what you did, I've been wondering just what it looked like this way! haha...thought about making one myself just so I didn't have to wait on the post office to see it (still may)!
    I can totally understand how you felt about all this, but honestly, I don't mind at will be used somewhere! :)


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