Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sartorial Saturday - sort of...

...because sometimes you decide on Sunday at 9 pm that you just don't want to wear any of your current clothes to work the next day. And so you sew a new shirt. And because you're so excited that you just can't wait until Saturday to share.

Which is how I feel about my new Banksia top.


**Note: This is not my professional hair. This is the hair of someone who is using their absolute last energy to give the camera the thumbs up. Which, by the way, is the only useable photo out of like 20 that were taken. You're welcome.

*Linked with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story! :)


  1. Impressive! Cute skirt too--I love how pencil skirts just make everything look polished and put together. They are magic. Your comment about "professional hair" cracked me up. Since I'm teaching an 8:40 am class this semester (remember, that's like 5 am to people involved in college), I think my students have seen me sans bun like once this year.

  2. Very cute! Turned out beautifully.

  3. Love!! It looks great - the fabric is awesome too :)

  4. Love the top! Super colour on you, looks fabulous.

  5. So totally cute! I know what you mean about looking at your wardrobe and deciding you don't want to wear any of it. . that happens to me with my work wardrobe a lot!


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