Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Ok, so I saw a Burger King commercial last night that was advertising their gingerbread milkshake. And then this morning as I was getting coffee at McDonald's I saw that they've already brought out their eggnog milkshake.
Seriously. I loooove Christmas. Love it. But it's not even Halloween, people. Calm your bones. Start shopping for presents, but hold off on the holiday food until it's actually been a holiday.
But I'm all about aligning with the universe, so what did I do?
Started a Christmas pillow. You can't tell, but it's right above the Halloween pillow that I've given up on for this year. It's a piece of Heather Ross flannel jammies that I got from Sew Deerly Loved last year and have been holding onto in excitement. I have some candycane striped flannel that I debated using as a simple frame around the HR print, thinking it would be super soft, but I wanted to make it fancier than that.
Spikes like this! I looooveee this pillow!
Enter: paper pieces spikes that look something like the spikes that normally exist on NY Beauty blocks. I'm imagining that they'll look like skinny abstract trees?
As long as we're talking about Christmas, I've marked my custom gnoma advent calendar down to $50 through November 5th so you can start preparing. I guarantee delivery by December 1st as long as you place your order before November 23rd.
Plus, as long as we're remembering things, I'm giving away a mini quilt of my new secret pattern for my one year blog-a-palooza, so leave a comment over here if you haven't done so already! Giveaway winner will be chosen tomorrow :)

Tomorrow I only have to work until noon, and I'm so excited to get some afternoon sewing done on a weekday! TGIF to all.


  1. Lol ! Luckily, I don't have a TV so I don't get to see commercials too early :) Christmas won't even be over that they'll start selling chocolates and hearts for Valentine's Day !!

    And that NY Beauty block is breathtaking !!

  2. So I shouldn't tell you how I've already asked my hubs several times if I can put up our Christmas decorations?! :) I just love Christmas!! Adorable pillow


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