Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's on my sewing table?

What's on my sewing table, you ask?

Or you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyways.

There's a Washi Dress with some major modifications.

There's this American Jane fabric that I purchased for a commissioned quilt. The customer chose this focal fabric [the finished quilt will be in the reading corner of a teacher's classroom].

And if I had to buy that 1/2 yd cut for the commissioned project then I was absolutely going to fill my package with other wonderful things. The Out to Sea gray anchors are destined for clothing [the line is on Cotton Couture's butter!] and the other items are to fill holes in my stash. Yes, it's a lot of orange. Clearly you can see what was missing in my stash.

Fabric pull for commissioned quilt [oh look, no orange...maybe there was a reason I didn't really own any...]. I'm actually liking the color combo, despite the fact that the American Jane fabric is not really my cup of tea. I lobbied really hard for the Out to Sea line as the basis for a kid's quilt, but since he's the one paying he won out.

Luckily I bought all those orange fabrics with a purpose, and have a fabric stack all ready to be made into a quilt this afternoon!

So happy about all of this! :)


  1. I'm just loving your fabric stacks this morning...SO pretty!

  2. How can you not have orange and call yourself a gator fan? Just kidding. Lovely stacks of fabric.

  3. So excited to see how your washi dress turns out! I'm really itching for that pattern but have to wait....

    The fabric stacks are making me drool...the commissioned quilt will be awesome for a classroom!! Perfect colors and fabrics. Lucky Kids!!

  4. Wow some great stacks of fabric there! Which I had some of those oranges too! =D

  5. I bought some oranges a couple of months ago for an orange and navy quilt that has progressed 0% since that time. :) I like your choices! What do you mean "to be made into a quilt this afternoon"? If you have a finished quilt tomorrow... I'll be in awe!

    I think I missed something with the Washi dress. I keep seeing it pop up, but why is it so famous/sought after?

  6. I SO need oranges. Love this. Congrats on the commissions! :) Ps I love your kitty - that is all. How's the new job??

  7. Looks like some great stuff going on on that there sewing table :D Cute fabrics!

  8. You know...American Jane fabrics never strike me as WOW! But, every time I make a quilt with them...I am in LOVE with the finished product. Maybe it will be the same for you. :) And then you'll be wishing you could hold onto it. ;)


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