Saturday, August 18, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

Made an entire queen-size quilt this week. I personally think quilt tops really spice up the lakeside view at my apartment complex :) The full reveal of this finished quilt will be up tomorrow!

My best friend was in town for a week. We play a LOT of Scrabble. I used to beat her every time, but in the last couple years she's definitely improved. I lost this round ha.

Canoeing with the best friend! School started in my area this past week, so it was blissfully calm at 10 am when we were out there. Lots of gators.

Celebrated five years with a delicious dinner at an Italian place that was inside a renovated house. Super cute place. Delicious creme brulee.

Lo and behold, a kitten! [so all of you who offered up a kitten in my last post, no longer necessary!] He was my anniversary present, and he's super sweet and loveable. Now I guess I need to learn to quilt with a kitten underfoot!


  1. awe you guys make such a cute couple, and a kitten to boot! awesome, looks like a fabulous week to me -- hows your DWR? :)

  2. How wonderful!! I love scrabble. My husband and I used to play it all the time when we dated (we've been together 5 years too!).

    The kitten is adorable! I want one. Too cute.

  3. Kitten! Oh my goodness. I volunteer at the SPCA and it's kitten season, and it's so hard to resist their mega cuteness. Someday I'm just going to break down and arrive home with like 11 of them.

    You know what they say though... the best toy for a new kitten is another kitten. ;) What's his name?

  4. Sounds like a great week and I have to say it, you look lovely in that photo!

  5. Such an adorable kitten! They are so fun to sew with...because fabric is dangerous and they will attack if they feel it will hurt you. lol I have 4 cats! Ages 8 years to 6 years.


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