Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sartorial Saturday - The Easy Tank Top

I realized earlier this week that I haven't sewn any clothes in a long time. I think it's been all summer. I've just been so busy with various quilting obligations, plus preparing all the Potter Patterns for release next week, that apparel has fallen by the wayside.

But despite the fact that I'm not too awesome at making clothes, I really enjoy it. So when I woke up this morning and saw that it was monsooning outside, I decided I'd spend a few hours making some clothes.

I have two projects, but figured I'd show you the tank top today and save the other [with lace! and more successful!] for another day.

I simple traced the shape of a tank top that I like:

Added in seam allowances:

Put right sides together and sew first at the shoulder seams, then along the side seams. The fabric I'm using is a knit, so it doesn't fray, but I'll still probably use pinking shears on the seams.

So here's where things get a little iffy...Both the fabric I'm using and the tank top I traced are knit fabrics. But the tank top is stretchier than the new fabric, which I knew. So I made sure to wear said tank top yesterday so it would stretch out, thus giving me a slightly bigger tank top to trace.

Based on me trying it on, I'd say that I actually need 1/4" more on each side. It's a little snug across the bosoms and around the hips. So now I don't know whether to finish the neckline and armholes or throw it in the trash and call it a day? I bought the fabric on clearance for like $5, so it wouldn't be a huge loss...

I never have these kinds of problems with quilting!


  1. It may feel snug, but in your pictures, it doesn't look unflatteringly snug, in my opinion. But if it's restricting movement, that's obviously a different issue!

    Do you have any favorite skirt patterns? I don't have a great desire to sew clothing. I like things to be quite fitted, and I'm curvy, and it just seems like way more work than I want to do. However, I adore skirts and am always dismayed by the selection/price, and know they'd be pretty easy to accomplish. I don't know if you use books for your skirt patterns, or pattern patterns, but if you're looking to do another post on clothing, at least one of your readers would enjoy one on skirts. ;)

  2. It doesn't look like it doesn't fit right in the picture, then again they can be deceiving considering you have it on and all!
    Don't throw the fabric re-cut it and use it for something else if you decide not to keep it =D

  3. I really like the fabric. If its a little to snug to wear in public, pair it a cute cardigan. No one will be the wiser

  4. finish it, it looks fabulous - it doesnt look snug/small or anything, so unless its uncomfortable, go for it!


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