Sunday, August 5, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

Oh what a week. Good thing there's only a week left of the Olympics and then I can get back to some productivity! Here's some snippets of my week:

Ducks! They've been around since they were just cute, fluffy baby ducks.

Two bottles of my favorite wine - Riesling - gifted to me this past week :)

A late lunch date with my boyfriend. Fish tacos! So good! Longboard! So good!

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fall candles until September. I, um, failed. Autumn Leaves is by far my favorite scent for fall!

Washed some fabric destined for clothing. So glad I took the time to sew around the edges to minimize fraying on these delicate fabrics!

Went on a cooking frenzy last night and made mini pizzas [for snacks], spaghetti sauce, beef bourguignon, chili, and bbq chicken quesadillas to freeze for meals. And caramel brownies for sustenance while I cooked :)


  1. Haha! I live in the Finger Lakes, from whence your Riesling comes. :) I'm about an hour and a half away from that winery though, on a different lake. Thank you for supporting our wine industry. :) I'm afraid I'm a wuss when it comes to wine, and I only like it if it's sweet. That said, I find it difficult to resist a late-harvest Riesling!

    I LOVE Autumn Leaves! I'm not firing mine up quite yet, but yeah, I love that scent. It might be my favorite, regardless of season.

    The blue fabric of your future clothing is just beautiful.

  2. I ONLY buy Yankee candles in the fall - the fall scents are the best!!! I love Autumn Leaves, and anything apple or cider. I'm really getting excited for cooler weather - can't wait to light one of my fall candles and drink some wine, lol. :)

  3. KONA beer - thats our new favorite since the move, obviously. Don't worry, i've already started autumn quilting.. and hawaii doesnt have autumn? definitely will miss that this year!

  4. Wow what a cool set of favourites! I remember my days of cooking meals to freeze, that was a fun experience. =D

  5. I have a serious obsession with autumn candles too! And pretty much all things autumn-related! Gonna have to get out my candles soon!


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