Friday, August 10, 2012

My sewing machine was feeling so neglected!

Today I've planned to be extremely sewing-productive. I got up super early, gathered and made sustenance in the solid and liquid form, and mapped out my day at the machine.

I don't want to hand-stitch anything for at least two weeks. I love handwork, I do**. But if I had to guesstimate how much embroidery I've done over the past two weeks I'd say it's taken at least 24 hours. That's right. I've lost a WHOLE DAY to embroidery. Machine sewing, pleeasseee.

**Case in point: I could not be more pleased with all my Potter Patterns, and I love that they're hung right next to my sewing machine. And today's the last day you can get the 8-pattern bundle for $28!

This is what sewing at midnight looks like...

Except...I just embroidered a little bit for my Winterkist project [my day is next Wednesday! I'm a little obsessed with my project...]. Hey! If you did some embroidery or other handwork, you should show it off at There and Back's Handmade Parade! Be cool like me! :)

And this is what sewing at 1 am looks like...

Oh and I also sewed lots of nine-patches last night. I need 56 of those blocks for my queen-sized quilt. I didn't feel like moving my furniture to lay out the quilt, so I chose the method of just pulling random squares and sewing with abandon. Ok, maybe not abandon, because as you can see I laid them out a bit. Each stack has multiple prints of the same color within it. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't end up with 10 squares of that Washi print with the last nine-patch or something horrific like that.

I've never done that kind of sewing before, because I tend to like a balanced randomness [I think that's an oxymoron?]. But I sewed after I watched Project Runway, and decided to be a wild quilter [an example of what non-quilters think is an oxymoron, ha!].

Um, only a million more blocks to sew. Did I mention this needs to be finished by next week?


  1. im with you on having a balanced randomness.. it looks fabulous though and in the grand scheme, the quilter is usually the only one that notices if 2 like prints are near each other! haha

  2. Hahaha! Sewing at midnight gosh I wish I could do that without alerting anyone...oh to have my own place! Loving the fabrics...think you can send the purples and greys my way =D

  3. You are a night owl! The embroidery is gorgeous, love the gnome and the fabric squares are utterly lush!

  4. What is that delicious looking cherry dessert-y thing??? I MUST know!


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