Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pattern-buying binge, say what?

Ok guys. I was a little bad last night. Or a lot bad.

I've recently had a crazy influx of orders in my Etsy shop. Whee! I'm putting almost every extra penny I have towards kitty surgery vet bills. But last night. Oh last night. In a weak moment while watching Homeland [one of my favorite shows by the way...add it to your list, you won't be sorry!] I put my Paypal balance to good use.

I bought:

Leather Accent Fold Over Clutch - I think these will make phenomenal gifts for some of my coworkers. I'm part of a small team of young 20-somethings [mostly] who are all volunteer managers for their respective programs that are under the umbrella of the city program. I'm loving the idea of assemly-line production on these!

Wiksten Tova - I've owned the Tank pattern for months now, and just haven't made it yet. But seriously. I want Marian's Tova so bad I can taste it. I think I'd happily give up a night of sleep to have enough time to make this

Grainline Scout Tee - What can I say, I need some shirts! I have an AMH Innocent Crush voile that is destined to become one of these basic tees.

I debated buying either the Colette Juniper trousers or the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers, but if I'm honest with myself I certainly won't have time to tackle my first pair of pants before the new year, so perhaps that's a good thing to put on my Christmas list!

I might have also bought fabric, but that's another post entirely ;)

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  1. I want a Wiksten too. I also bought the pattern last night. This top looks good on everyone. It's crazy !

    What fabric will you use for yours ?


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