Friday, November 9, 2012

Do the Hustle

Um, Kelsey tells me there's only 50 days left in 2012?


Let's take a look at my list, shall we?

Must Do
1. Commissioned quilt with American Jane focal fabric 
2. Commissioned pillow with The Hungry Caterpillar fabric 
3. Blue and orange quilt for my little sister - no progress, but at least the blocks are all made
4. Set of pillows for my older sister's birthday - well, this has become a maybe Christmas present
5. King-size quilt for my bed - shelved until the new year due to the list at the bottom of the post
6. Pillow Talk Swap 9 - this will be done by the mailing deadline on Thursday; hoping to finish it tomorrow
Really, Really Would Like to Do 
7. Halloween pillows for my couch - ahem, not done, will be stricken from the list
8. Washi tunic - I cut the pieces out! Baby steps.
9. Banksia top
10. Pencil skirt out of linen - this probably won't happen, but I made a corduroy Schoolhouse Tunic instead, so I feel ok with it.
11. Autumn bunting - didn't happen, so will be stricken from the list
12. Christmas tree skirt - I just ordered a charm pack of Blitzen to make a simple tree skirt; I was paralyzed by wanting to make something perfect out of a design I came up with, but I realized I can always make another one at some point.
13. Shower curtain for my bathroom - almost certainly not going to happen at this point
So why is so little of my list completed? Because I now have a whole new list of things that really, really have to be completed because they're sales in my Etsy shop or magazine submissions [which I totally love and appreciate, it just all came in an onslaught!]:
- 5 gnoma advent calendars
-set of custom Quidditch Potter Pattern hoops
-bundle of 7 Potter Pattern hoops for a baby nursery
-hand-embroidered article of clothing that is taking waaaayyyy longer than I expected and is already 2 weeks overdue :(
I also volunteered to make a quilt out of blocks that are being donated for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort organized by Jennifer at Knotted Thread. I took a day off work to guarantee that it gets done if I can't do it in snippets here and there.

And now, after getting up at 6 am to go to work for a few hours on a Saturday, I'm going to take a nap and then tackle some of this list. Make sure you check out some of the other progress reports over at Kelsey Sews :)


  1. Wow, you have a ton to do. Congrats on all of the etsy sales and on the magazine submissions! I'm happy for you :) (btw I'm almost done with my Always embroidery!)

  2. My that's a big list! Looks like you are wailing away at it so that's good. That was really sweet of you to help Jennifer out by putting together one of the quilts for her. Happy hustling!

  3. Sometimes you just have to change it up! Yay for magazine submissions!!! I'd love to have something in a mag one day :) Hustle on!!


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