Monday, November 12, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday to all!

I've had to give up my Saturdays for the past two weeks to work, and it officially hit me that I've not really had any moment to relax in a few weeks, since I always use my one day free to clean/do laundry/take care of sewing obligations.

Luckily I have a couple things that are keeping me happy this morning:

This bundle of Don't Be Crabby! from Laurie Wisbrun to make up the quilt for one of the patterns I've been working on. Her fabrics are fantastic for cute little focal details and fussy cutting. She was nice enough to send this bundle after I approached her with an idea that just wasn't going to be feasible on her end. Can't wait to cut into it!

Now, this is a terrible picture, but it gets the point across. I have lots of fabric coming in a couple different orders in the next few days, with this being the first! I'm on a fabric-buying freeze, but I had to buy yardage of Winterkist for shop orders, so I just made the orders all worth my while ;)

And finally, quilting in progress! I'll have my finished Pillow Talk Swap package to show tomorrow.

Hope you have something to cure your case of the Mondays! :)

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