Sunday, September 16, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

This was my entire week [I actually did a lot of other stuff in the evenings, but I was like a zombie when it came to taking pictures this week]. I came home every night mentally drained from a week of intensive training. Friday night I even fell asleep for 2 hours after work. I just need to get back in the routine of constantly being around people...I'm lucky in that I'm a person who runs great on 5-6 hours of sleep, but always having your "face" on at work is definitely draining at first. I'm loving it though!

Does anyone have any good recipes to take to work for lunch? I don't always want to eat peanut butter and crackers but I'm not really a turkey sandwich kind of gal.

**My friend Jennifer over at Knotted Thread just opened up a fabric shop! So now she has a fabric business and lives in Hawaii...sigh...but let's all support her in this venture and so make sure you stop by and read all about it in her post!


  1. I take cheese toasties to work. I have these nifty toaster bags that pop my sandwich in then use the toaster at work to toast them.
    Also cold pasta salads can make great lunches if you have a fridge handy to use at work.
    I also have instant soup sachets that I bring and they just need boiling water added to them.
    Even leftovers from dinner the night before can make a good lunch.

    I found these sites for you too

  2. Ok so while the title of the article I'm linking is "school lunch roundup" they aren't just for kids! There are so many ideas that are way more interesting than a boring old sandwich!

  3. You are the greatest! Thanks :)
    Check out pinterest, they have whole boards for lunch ideas!!

  4. There is this special lunch box kit company that made a flikr group for bento box lunches. Just the pictures give me so many ideas!

  5. I usually do leftovers but cut up veggies with hummus or dip is becoming a new favorite! Pasta salad with yummy stuff in it is good too :)


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