Monday, September 24, 2012

The 100 Day Hustle

Kelsey over at Kelsey Sews had a great idea...The 100 Day Hustle! Apparently Saturday was 100 days left in 2012?! ZOMG. 

This is a little stressful to me for a number of reasons. First of all, my new job - I have a coworker right now with the same title as me who has essentially been running the program since its inception, but as soon as 2012 ends he will be leaving and it'll all be on me. So I have 100 days to soak up as much as I can from him! The other reason it's so stressful? I have so much sewing I want to do before the holidays! Seriously. Lots. So this is where The 100 Day Hustle comes in.

Make a To-Do List of things you want to accomplish before the end of the year. The ingenious part is that there are check-in link-ups through the remainder of the year to bring in that elusive accountability factor.

So here goes nothing:

Must Do
1. Commissioned quilt with American Jane focal fabric [already started, but stalled while I figure out how to make it not suck]
2. Commissioned pillow with The Hungry Caterpillar fabric [just received the fabrics this week]
3. Blue and orange quilt for my little sister [still trimming blocks, ew]
4. Set of pillows for my older sister's birthday [maybe 1 with some Potter Pattern embroidery?]
5. King-size quilt for my bed [this is on my 2012 resolutions list, but I haven't been able to buy the linen because it will obviously be quite a purchase...maybe this month!]
6. Pillow Talk Swap 9 [we should be getting partners any day now]

Really, Really Would Like to Do
7.. Halloween pillows for my couch [super simple, I have some cute Riley Blake panel pieces cut for this]
8. Washi tunic [since I've already successfully made the pattern making the tunic version should be quite simple]
9. Banksia top
10. Pencil skirt out of linen
11. Autumn bunting [everything is already cut for this, I just have to actually sew it]
12. Christmas tree skirt
13. Shower curtain for my bathroom

So that's it. Sort of. I have some ideal things out there, like putting together another pattern for sale, and I'm sure I'll want to make lots of things for people as the holidays inch closer. But that's sort of the big stuff that I know right now.

And that list of projects up there certainly doesn't mean that I'm not dreaming up new projects. Particularly with the bundle above, completely inspired by the Jenean Morrison Grand Hotel print on the far left.


  1. I'm sure you'll be fine !! Good luck with all this :)

    And I LOVE the colors in your bundle !! Is it going to be a quilt ?

  2. #1 that bundle is awesome!!! Can't wait to see the bunting and Halloween pillows - I love fall :) I've been thinking of you and that American Jane quilt - creepy right - if I get hit with any brilliant ideas I'll let you know :) Thanks for joining in!

  3. A great list of projects! Hoping you get some completed before the year end. Good luck =D

  4. Good luck! I love Grand Hotel--and that's a beautiful bundle!

  5. Good luck! I'm participating, too. I have that far left fabric as well, thanks for the palette inspiration!

  6. Your list sounds great!! Halloween pillows will be fun. Great idea. I would be stressed too in your shoes if I'd counted how many days there are left in this year, I had my own mini-freak out about that when I wrote my list :)

    I'm excited to see your king size quilt, or at least what pattern you pick for it. My husband wants a king size quilt just because he thinks he's too tall for anything that's on my list for someday as well. You're so good at making clothes I'm sure they'll turn out wonderfully!


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