Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a wee bit o' sewing

Amidst some pretty serious happenings these past couple days, I did some sewing. Not a lot of sewing, but I'm a little behind on bee commitments, which I feel terrible about because in real life I'm an extremely punctual person.  

It's a Mod Mosaic block, but I just couldn't follow Elizabeth's directions. I understand that it might have been easier to put together by making neat little rectangular chunks like in her tutorial, but I just couldn't get my brain to make it look mosaic-y without just kind of haphazardly cutting pieces. I think I was having trouble picturing the nice little charm squares in my fabric package turned into something all angular and cool. Needless to say, I have this nice little Y-seam waiting for me to set in the last bit of fabric. Sigh. 

And I finished making the last of my tiny HSTs. That have no purpose. They'll probably sit there for a while. With no plan. 

Ares loves HSTs

As far as the serious happenings, my tiny cuddly adorable kitten has been incredibly sick for the past 5 days. He won't eat, he throws up all the time, he's lost a ton of weight, he's been to the vet twice and had lots of tests done, and now he's having surgery today to try and figure out what's going on. I'm incredibly worried and I'm hoping to list some quilts and pillow covers in my Etsy shop in an effort to offset the $2000 in vet bills that I've racked up in 5 days.

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  1. Get better kitty! I love seeing a glimpse at your projects. Sometimes we all get behind. Just keep going. They are all cheerful and sweet and beautiful!

  2. Oh, dear! I hope kitty gets better soon; it's SO frustrating when the vet can't find what is wrong. :(

  3. You know what I'd do with the mod mosaic block? I'd just chop that side triangle off to make a straight edge, then add the last section. Would be much easier than trying to fit in a y-seam!

  4. Gosh what great sewing! So awful about those bet bills, hope the sales go well for you =D

  5. I had some trouble wrapping my head around the mod mosaic too when made the pillow! I guess my brain just doesn't work that way.

    So sorry to hear about little Ares. My Bingley got very sick several years ago and it culminated in a lot of vet bills and daily tube feedings (he had fatty liver disease). I really hope that the surgery goes well and that they figure out what's wrong with your little guy!

  6. Hope your little sweetheart gets better soon :o(


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