Sunday, September 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

My little sister turned 18 this week, so I went up to UF and stayed with her for some of the Labor Day weekend. I certainly do not miss dorm beds!

We splurged and got an awesome 50" TV during the holiday sales. Loooove. Project Runway looks much better on the big screen :)

Because sometimes you just want to eat donut holes for lunch. And sometimes, you wish you had gotten more pumpkin ones.

Decorated for fall earlier this week with floral arrangements and autumn leaf door hangers and window stickers, but couldn't resist already putting up the "Funkin" that my dad carved me last year! The holidays are coming, yay!

This week we took a lot of kitty naps. Under a quilt, being hugged by a kitten? Yes, please.


  1. Such a fun set of favourites! The pumpkin looks so cool, also such yummy looking doughnuts =D

  2. Nice! I'll be getting out my fall decorations this week, perhaps looking for more...

    and now I want donuts...

  3. wah, i miss dunkin donuts! looks like a good week though, GOOD LUCK TOMORROW :) :)


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