Friday, July 6, 2012

Things I Enjoy

Today is a great day.

Today marks the completion of half the things on my summer sewing obligation list:

-Secret project that had a mailing deadline of today

To be completed still:

-Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop post next week
-Sew-Less Summer post at Cut To Pieces in a week and a half
-Winterkist Blog Hop post in August

But today I'm taking some time to appreciate:

My loot from PTS8! I'm leaning against the pillow as I type, and I already used the scissors this morning.

This package of apparel fabric that came all the way from Korea. If you sew clothing you should absolutely go check out Cottonholic on Etsy. Her shop is filled to the brim with AMAZING fabrics. The print on the left is a double cotton gauze and the right is a cotton silk [which OMG feels amazing]. I'm so excited to make some Wiksten Tanks out of them!

Tonight I'm going to hang out with these lovely ladies.

As we celebrate my beautiful friend's wedding! [lol even if she would kill me for posting this photo]

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  1. Looks like you've been having a great time! Loving the pillow and goodies =D


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