Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fun Day!

Woo! I finally got my bee block made for Marian!

The block is from the Sunshine Sparkle quilt from the Fat Quarterly Community Retreat Issue.

The thing that took me the longest?

Choosing the fabric for the little points!

I hope Marian likes it :)

I'm cutting and sewing more charm squares for the rest of the afternoon/evening. While I had originally laid all the squares out and was going to sew them in the order I'd decided, I've since found out that my friend wants a queen-sized quilt, so I've had to cut more squares and I think I'm going to sew 9-patches and then arrange those. Luckily I've also gotten some more fabric in the necessary color scheme since the first time I cut charms!

And then this evening I have to pick up some Newcastle [to celebrate London, duh] and watch the Olympic opening ceremonies :)


  1. Marian is really going to have one beautiful quilt. All the blocks are awesome! I wish I'd taken pictures of my fabric choices. I'll never learn.....

  2. What great looking blocks! Loving all that fabric, such lovely colours and shades =D

  3. Like it? I love it!! I'm really so excited about this quilt!! GREAT block!

  4. LOVE your block!! What is that multi-color fabric that you used for the arrows?

  5. It looks great, Rebecca! I love the fabric you chose for the points. Marian's going to have an awesome quilt!


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