Sunday, July 1, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

 SO MUCH SEWING this past week. Literally, that's all I've done. Everything else has sort of fallen by the wayside while I finish some obligations. More on this picture on Tuesday! :)

 Got some yards of Silent Cinema [on sale!] and a Seaside charm pack from The Sproutz Store. Fantastic pricing AND I ordered it on Thursday night and got it Saturday. SO LEGIT.

 Couldn't resist playing with the Seaside charms! I wanted the charm pack to see which prints I want to buy in yardage to go in my bed quilt. This was my most anticipating line of the summer, yay!

Made bacon-wrapped filets and rice for dinner, followed by chocolate pudding pie with some strawberries. Great food night!

Don't forget, Christmas in July starts tomorrow! There will be two great tutorials up tomorrow. I'll be wearing my Santa hat :)


  1. What a great lot of favourites! Loving that fabric =D

  2. Very fun stuff and I agree - awesome food night!! Looking forward to Christmas in July....but yikes.


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