Friday, July 20, 2012

Handmade Parade Day!

Friday already?!

First things first, someone asked me yesterday how many entries per category were allowed for Christmas in July. Great question! After thinking about it I've decided to officially count just one project per person per category. But I don't want that to stop you from showing off your creations, so you can put anything else you've made [like if you've made TWO holiday quilts, whoa] in the same post so when people click on the link then they can still enjoy your other projects!

Oh, and don't forget that this past Monday's giveaway for Camille Roskelley's stocking pattern is open until Monday at midnight :) and it's international!

So what have I been up to lately?

I spent several days this week taking my little sister to UF Orientation, which meant that she had to attend classes about how to be the most successful Gator possible, while I got to lounge in a hotel room and wander around to my old Gainesville haunts and eat good food, read some books, and do some stitching.

It was nostalgic to walk around my alma mater, but because I haven't been with my machine I don't have much to show.

Project Runway started last night, which always inspires me to sew. Not so much what they make [as I think a lot of it is really bizarre], but just physically watching people sew!

And today is Handmade Parade day, so I thought I'd show you sneak peeks of three of the Harry Potter embroidery patterns that I'm going to be releasing for sale on August 8th!

I've stitched all the patterns up myself [although I'm not the best embroiderer in the world], and cannot wait to hang them and have a fabulous magical wall somewhere in my apartment. I will be showcasing the patterns on August 7th and 8th [plus the versions my testers stitch up!] here on the blog and I'll be selling them in a special introductory bundle from the 8th-12th.

The bundle includes 6 spell patterns and a Quidditch pattern [which is a set of 3 patterns!] and will be sold for $25 [for a total of 9 patterns that comes to $2.78 per pattern!]. The 8th pattern is one of my favorites and is about double the size of all the other patterns, and as such, will be priced individually at $5.

The fishbone stitch for the leaf is one of my favorite stitches ever!

I'm really excited about these! 

Do you have some people in your life that wish they were magical? These are the perfect gift of combining something you love [stitching!] with something they love [HP! Hogwarts! Magic!]. If you don't have the time or the inclination to stitch the pattens yourself I will also be taking orders for finished hoops :)

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  2. Oh I can't wait! My sister is a huge HP fan. An August release date will work out nicely with her October birthday :)

  3. Great sneak peek. You're such a tease :)

  4. Yay! So excited for you!! And for me. Because I'll be making them too!!

  5. Great sneak peak! I'll be waiting to see them all finished up =D

  6. Love your teaser pictures - looking forward to seeing the patterns for sale.


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