Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sartorial Saturday: The Prom Accessory Edition

Today is Prom!
You're doing your hair and makeup, putting on your dress, and grabbing that clutch that will hold your camera, allowing you to take pictures of all your friends for you to immediately upload to Facebook when you get home. And you couldn't find a clutch that you liked, so you asked your big sister to make you one. And because she's been listening to your Prama [Prom drama] for several months now, she agrees to do it so that you will have as perfect a Prom as possible.

Ok, so this doesn't really go with Sartorial Saturday.

But I've barely sewed all week because of moving and job interviews and deciding to refinish my living room coffee and end tables [stupid timing Rebecca], so this is where the Prom clutch ends up.

And since I think this will be the only time I ever make one of these I figured I'd share.

I used a silvery satin. And 3 freaking layers of a stiff Pellon interfacing. The lining [from the Moda Cape Ann line] has a thin interfacing fused to it. Sewing them right sides together was fine. Turning it right side out was a bitch. It crinkled pretty good, so my sister is going to steam it.

I used super glue to place it in the metal frame. The holes mean that technically it's a sew-in frame. But I didn't have time for those shenanigans.

The black balls were supposed to be removed for some teal beads, but the beads weren't quite big enough. Oh well.

I never want to make one of these again because it was quite stressful. But my sister is going to look top-notch, so it's all worth it! :)


  1. I like the finish and that does look like a lot of hard work to make! Who invented those frames! =D

  2. Prama - yes that sounds about right. It does look difficult - good job though!


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