Friday, April 6, 2012


I owe my friend Allie a quilt. I'm sure most quilters have an IOU list. People they promised quilts to for some event or another, and then didn't finish it on time.

Allie's birthday was in January. It's apparently already April. Whoops. We live a few hours apart, and after I realized I wasn't going to be able to travel to see her for her birthday, making the quilt was pushed to the back burner in exchange for swaps and other current projects. Shame on me.

Nothing like a good kick in the pants to get me going though! She'll be in town on Sunday in the evening, and I'll be driving to meet up with her and my other old roommate. Not only do I love the idea of giving it to her in person, but then I also don't have to mail it! The thought of mailing a quilt actually makes my wallet scream in horror.

 I cut all these triangles. I had a charm pack of Ruby [Allie is SUCH a Ruby kind of gal] that I supplemented with some coordinating prints from ye olde stash.

I have a yard of that bottom Ruby print that I got super cheap with the intent to use it on the back. And then fill in with all the other supplemental prints that I added. I haven't a single idea for the back yet though, and how to make all those different prints work together in bigger cuts without looking jumbly...

 So I'm up to here. You'll's a wee bit small...I messed up BIG time on the math, and only calculated half the triangles I'd actually need to create a good size lap quilt. Time to get creative people, and think up a solution! :)

I'm thinking maybe my next quilt I should try something a little more leisurely instead of binge quilting? And perhaps I'll get all the math right too. Maybe? Nah.


  1. I love Ruby! I also love that Joel Dewberry herringbone. Oh and friends who make me things, even though no one ever does! I'm always the maker :-)

  2. Love the fabric choice! How big are those triangles? =D


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