Monday, April 2, 2012

Reunited, and it feels so good

Alternately titled: My love-hate relationship with technology.

This is what happened yesterday:

I had finished cutting all my 5" squares for my friend Kelly's quilt. Since I'm feeling some quilting nostalgia after all my apparel making, I opened myself an Arizona Green Tea and set about arranging all these squares in a pleasing manner.

When I ran out of available floor space I sat back and took a picture to send to Kelly.

Me: [included with picture] Hey, just making sure you like this, or else I can scrap it, so just let me know.

[thinking to myself, how great it is that I can send her a picture so she can be involved in the process, aka, loving technology]

Kelly: Ahhh, I love the pattern!

Fast forward 7 hours. At that point, I had received about 700 of that exact same text. I couldn't turn my phone off because I was waiting for phone calls from realtors about homes we're interested in. The most I could do was turn my phone to vibrate [I don't have a silent setting].

Aka, HATING technology.

Needless to say, I was not pleased with this quilt after all this went down. can't live without it...except yesterday I really, really could have.

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  1. ACK! My phone does this to me all the time!! (although not quite to THAT extent....)
    On a happier note, I do love the quilt.

  2. My phone used to do that! It's something to do with the signal! =D

  3. The quilt layout looks great, no matter what the phone did! Hope you heard from the realtors, too. Take the phone in, and they can probably reload the OS for it.


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