Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sartorial Saturday: The Inaugural Edition

Merriam-Webster defines sartorial as relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly relating to clothes.

Now, I am not being so generous with my apparel sewing as to say that my handmade items are 'tailored', but "Sartorial Saturday" does have a nice ring to it, and the blog needed a little organization to handle this new type of sewing. Plus, don't you feel smarter just thinking about the word sartorial? Henceforth, Saturdays will be all about my apparel sewing, leaving anyone not interested to completely blow past me in their Reader over the weekend.

*Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I used both sartorial and henceforth in one paragraph. And people say higher education is a sham. Pfft.*

Back to clothing!

To start this thing off right, I noted that Joann's was having a Simplicity pattern sale this weekend, and stocked up on 5 patterns that I've been interested in. At $2 each, I felt pretty secure in buying them, even if they're a flop.

Without further ado [do you see a theme here today? We're being fancy]...

 Coral jersey knit and a plan to make View D. Without the gaudy rhinestones. In fact, I think it's really hard to see the potential in this pattern, and wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't seen a version somewhere on the Internet with some nice fabric and no embellishments.

 Two rayon jersey blends. Sidebar: I LOVE polka dot clothing. The pattern is actually not made for stretch fabrics, although it totally looks like a jersey dress. But I'm going to make a muslin to see how the fit is, and then make a sleeveless version. Making it with a knit will eliminate the need for a zipper yay! And um, if I have enough pink left over, I might make pajamas...seriously...the fabric feels so it ok to have a dress and pajamas made out of the same fabric? Hmm.

Linen-rayon blend and a Carolina chambray. The rayon makes the linen feel a little silkier and drape nicely, and as I had hoped, it also helps it from wrinkling. Hallelujah. I'm leaning towards making the Lisette dress in the chambray, but who knows. I'm wild. Sort of. As much as you can be when you're a beginner at sewing clothes.

See you next Saturday with my first completed piece! :)

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  1. Now I must ask are you going to follow the pattern exactly or attempt to change it? =P


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