Friday, December 30, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

This post will just be a mish-mash of things to tell. I want to start the year off fresh, leaving all 2011 projects in 2011 posts! [um, except for one Christmas present I still have to share, and that isn't really cheating because I gave it to the person half-finished, and won't get to complete it until the new year...]

 This became a pillow for my parents. They didn't want anything this modern, nor did they want white, but I had the triangles of white and the green Flurry left over from my SuperSwoon Tree Pants, so I just sized them down and was ready to go. I didn't have any piece big enough for the middle, so that's where the red diamonds came in. It was necessity, but I totally dig it. I stippled in the white space and made a simple envelope closure :)

 I apologize for the terrible lighting in the first picture, but it was at night and at least you can see the entire runner. This was commissioned by my boyfriend's father for him to give to his mother for Christmas. He said her house looked like Kirkland's, and that her dining room was green. That's all the guidance I got, and my boyfriend was no help as to his grandma's taste. Luckily, his dad loved it, his grandma loved it, and I loved it. I especially like that the binding is also Kona Bone, and just blends right in.

 I made this little zippy pouch for a girl who was at my family's Christmas, and I wanted her to have some presents to open while my family had all ours. This was perfect, as I don't really know her, but I do know that she carries a purse, and she likes Tinkerbell a lot. So I chose a fabric that felt like it was Tinkerbell-esque, and went on my merry way. I still don't have great zipper ends, and that frustrates me, but the pouch went over well. I dubbed it a "survival pouch" that could be transferred from purse to purse and was filled with hair ties, band aids, tissues, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer.

No idea why the picture is messed up, but it would make a cool quilt pattern, yes? :)
When I was picking some things up for my new sewing station [yay!] I picked up my first clothing pattern. This was actually on my Christmas list, and it would have been easy to just never try my hand at clothing since nobody got it for me, but I shooed off my fears, and am very excited to give it a try in the new year!

I also got this pattern too, after checking out some pictures on Flickr. I already found a linen blend at Joann's that I'll be using for my first go-round, and if I like it then maybe I'll pick up some fun print!

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