Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogger's Choice Bundle Contest!

This is a super cool idea thought up by Laura at Quokka Quilts.

Imagine custom building your dream car, and if a car company likes your car, they make it and give it to you. That's the idea of this contest! You build your custom bundle, in the same vein as the Blogger's Choice bundles at the Fat Quarter Shop [aka, 12 prints and 3 solids] and if the judges like it then you could win half-yard cuts of your bundle! That's 7.5 yards. And a ready-made quilt palette.

Oh, and it's fun.

So, there's no losing here!

I went hot air ballooning yesterday morning [more on that later!] so I totally should have gone to bed on Wednesday night, but instead I stayed up another hour and a half online window shopping for fabric! It was great. Ok, maybe not as great at 4:30 Thursday morning, but I had fabric on my brain still to make it all better.

In case you're feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of only picking 15 fabrics from the huge range over options at the FQS...I kind of centered on a color palette in my head, and then browsed every.single.fabric, just adding anything to my cart that I liked and that fit the scheme. Then I could look at everything in the cart together, and whittle down further.

I love this palette because it's so calm! I think something like this calls to me a lot more for snuggling and coziness than something with louder colors. That's just my preference. Although I love those quilts too. I guess I need different quilts for different moods? [Anything to let me make more quilts, right?!]

Go check out the rules over at Quokka Quilts, and make your own bundle! You have until January 15th :)


  1. Ocean colours! Lovely choices! Glad you had fun doing it!!! :)

  2. I love the touch of grey you added in there. Such a calming and beautiful palette!


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