Sunday, May 19, 2013

Me-Made-May Update

Top row: Megan Nielsen Banksia in a polyester blend, Self-drafted top in coral knit, Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic in cotton seersucker

Bottom row: Self-drafted skirt in pima cotton, Grainline Scout Tee in lace, Grainline Scout Tee in cotton silk

Thoughts about Me-Made-May so far:

1. Actually wearing some of the clothes has reconfirmed some fit issues that some of them have

2. I like making shirts - I have several dresses in the next week though

3. I finished up those two Grainline Scout Tees just so I could wear them, so MMM is helpful for my productivity!

4. I really wanted to take pictures of me actually living my life while wearing my handmade clothes, so my pictures are taken at (1) a farewell work lunch, (2) outside on a lounging day, (3) at a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo, (4) outside my office, (5) at Tijuana Flats for lunch with coworkers, (6) outside my apartment during a day that I took off to have craft day with friends

5. I find it really hard to wear some of my clothes to work because they sway between too casual or too fancy for some of my workdays. I run youth programs [for the next two weeks, at least] and sometimes I'm outside running around after kids and sometimes I have meetings at City Hall. I've been finding it very hard to plan out my clothes since I don't usually know what might crop up until the day before. That's actually why I made my last Grainline Scout Tee in a cotton silk, because it's casual when worn with shorts, but the fancier fabric dresses it up if I want to wear it to work. I think that was an important realization for me to come to.

6. I don't necessarily want to keep buying so many clothes at Target, but I wish that I had access to cooler prints to make my own clothes. I hardly wear florals, I'm more of a geometric, mod, tribal print, polka dot kind of gal, and there just aren't too many prints out there that I've found that I like. I need to go to NYC! ;)

7. I'm two days behind. That last picture was taken on a Friday, which is technically in the 3rd week of May. However, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because I'm still adhering to the spirit of MMM, which is just to actually wear your handmade items.

I can't wait to see what the next two weeks bring!

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