Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vacation is a girl's best friend

A few weeks ago I made the executive decision to take a week off work for some recharging. I called up one of my girlfriends from college and asked if I could come visit. So last Thursday I headed off to Atlanta!

If anyone lives in Atlanta you know how crazy last weekend was...without even knowing it, I chose to visit on the weekend that the Final Four was in ATL, and there was also a huge free concert at Centennial Park. But because of all the craziness, we also convinced some other college friends to visit the same weekend, so there were some 14 of us who were in and out the whole weekend.

Kadi lives in an old high school that's on the Historic Registry - so much character! They kept a classroom building and the gym, and renovated the inside into lofts. Her mailbox is a locker, and some of the lofts in the gym building have original sets of bleachers in them! It was amazing.

I took a few pictures of her space because I want to make her a quilt. She just recently moved in and yesterday she started a new job...lots of things to celebrate! But I'm having the hardest time pegging a pattern, or style for this. I want it to be as completely awesome as Kadi, and reflect her new minimalist style.

I was originally leaning towards purples and greens, with lots of low-volume background. And then I pulled out this large piece of flannel that I bought on sale a while back.

After combing my stash, I came up with quite a selection of prints that go with the flannel. And I like the color combination, but I'm not sure it's right for this quilt.


Do you have any patterns in your back pocket that look like they're begging to be made into a quilt for Kadi's space? I'd love some advice!

While I ponder that, I'm off to make another Laurel...the amount of fabric I have here will determine whether it's a dress or a shirt :)

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  1. I LOVE those color choices, so bright and cheerful without being overly feminine, etc. Hm, Have you every done a swoon? Or what about Bonnie and Camille's Hopscotch pattern?? Can you tell i'm trending with her things lately... haha


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