Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Today my brain is feeling a little bit fuzzy. This might be a little stream of consciousness, so welcome to my musings.

I'm not feeling creative or witty or energetic. I'm thinking I might go to bed really early. After I eat an ice cream sandwich. Because ice cream is my favorite dessert. Since I don't like chocolate. Please don't leave me because of that.

I do love pie though. This past weekend I went to the annual pie festival out by Disney that my little sister and I love. I ate 15 different kinds of pie. Then I felt sick. Totally worth it.

I also finished up my mini for the Fab Little Quilt Swap on Flickr. To tell you the truth, I was going to stop on  swaps for a bit after DQS13, but then I got invited to participate in that swap. You have to be invited. I guess I was just so flattered that I figured it didn't matter that I had no free time.

I started out with a completely different plan. Sometimes I like working under the wire because I think I like my final design better than my original sketch, and it just worked out to be like this because I was in a pinch. Figuring out those corner triangle pieces was a bitch. Mathematically it should be simple enough [I'm actually a math tutor, so that is the especially ironic part], but I guess my sewing is just off enough that it made the triangles I cut not work out. I wasted a lot of fabric. Sad. 

Then I broke two needles while quilting because I forgot with my new fancy machine that the bobbin thread gets tucked away behind like 3 little hooks in the bobbin case. I missed one of them because it's less obvious than the others. My tension was fine while sewing a straight line, but when I went to FMQ it all fell apart. I was about ready to tear my hair out when I figured out what was happening.

I discovered that I had a tough time pebbling on white because I couldn't see where I was going and where I'd been. And I was trying to watch the Project Runway finale, and pebbles actually require that you pay attention while quilting. Incidentally, my favorite designer won. Her style is totally me.

It all worked out in the end, although if I were to redo this pattern I think I'd want the setting triangles to be lower volume, so that the "flower" shape in the middle sticks out more. Next time.

Tune in on Thursday for a tutorial for that pillow project that was originally going to be in Stitch Craft Create!

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  1. I love the different quilting in each of the diamonds!
    Talk to me about FMQ with the Sapphire...I am having a horribly hard time with it, I just CAN'T get the tension right and I keep breaking thread...I switched the machine to FMQ mode and have tried both floating and spring action. I was using 100% cotton machine quilting thread but that just wasn't working at all, so I've switched to a different thread and it seems to work a little better, but man it is finicky. Tips??

  2. I love pie! Your mini turned out great!

  3. Your mini is gorgeous!! And Michelle was my favourite designer too. So happy she won!

  4. This is SO gorgeous! Your pebbles are lovely!

  5. So beautiful! I hope you had your ice cream sandwich and snuggled into bed early. :)

  6. It is gorgeous! I'm always participating in things when I don't really have any free time either. I always say I will get things done early and then I'm rushing at the end to actually finish it. Your quilting looks fantastic!

  7. It's lovely. Lots of them together would make a great quilt.

  8. I love everything about this quilt. you should make a pattern for it. I was also SOOO excited about the Project Runway finale. Totally my style as well.


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