Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sartorial Saturday: What is peachskin?

I'm making another version of the Colette Laurel with this super special fabric I got from Korea. I cut it out in a size 4 this time [last version was a size 8 and was huge!] and was thinking about what to do about underlining since it's pretty see-through.

Then I got to thinking that it was too sweet for me. I love the border print, but all of it together might be a little much for me.

I went wandering around for a fabric to pair with it so there's not as much of the floral print. I found a beautiful shade of blue, but the store had it labeled as peachskin.

Does anyone have an opinion about this type of fabric? The floral print is a double-gauze, so can I pair a 100% polyester microfiber with it?

On another note:

I signed up for Me-Made-May '13 over at So, Zo...What do you know? and pledged to wear at least 3 handmade garments per week for the month. I'm excited!

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  1. It's a brushed finish used to raise a slight nap, usually on woven fabrics, so it sort of feels like peach skin. Think of how old jeans develop that mildly velvety texture when lightly stroked that new jeans don't have... it's that sort of idea.

    You can "peach" a variety of base fabrics; typically now it seems that a woven polyester is used as the base fabric. It's a type of napping, done with rollers with little metal teeth on them, sort of like a slicker brush used on cats and dogs.

    Some sandwashed or stonewashed fabrics are also termed "peach skin"... but those fabrics have the brushed surface on both sides.


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