Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Precision by Sew Festive
Precision, a photo by Sew Festive on Flickr.

Ah, I love when I see personal growth. And that beautiful point up there, that's growth. Not paper pieced or anything!
I wish this were true all the way around in my life. September and October have been an exercise in patience. Sewing patience. I'm one of those people that moves in my head like a zillion miles per hour faster than I actually move...which leads to metaphorical and physical tripping. I had to ask for an extension on a deadline, which I HATE to do, on a personal level. The most amusing part? I set the deadline myself! I just always think and expect that people are wanting me to sew faster than I know I can. Le sigh.
But hey, I have beautiful points in my project. And I have salted caramel brownies. So life isn't all bad ;)


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