Sunday, October 27, 2013

I wasn't at Quilt Market but...

...I do already have a wish list of fabrics that were debuted!

The entire weekend I kept up on Instagram [I'm sewfestive on IG, although I use it for personal and sewing] and I kept telling anyone I was with when I saw a great fabric line. Except um, they didn't care.

But I know you guys care, so here is my Quilt Market drool-worthy fabric list:

Photo courtesy of The Little Red Hen
Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander I have been literally craving this fabric for over a month, since I first stumbled on a pre-order on some shop's website. AND GUYS. This collection also has some of the sketchy prints in 108"wide...backing my quilts in some of the best fabric ever? Um, yes please. I will be buying all of this. All that I can get my hands on.

Photo courtest of The Long Thread

Garden by Ellen Luckett Baker

Now this is a collection that I'm just really interested in some of the prints. Top left, top right, bottom right, and the raindrop print and the print under it. But I'm loving the mustard, cerise, gray, turquoise. I can totally see myself making some new pillow covers out of these prints, which are a canvas blend from Kokka.

Photo courtesy of Simplify
April Showers by Bonnie and Camille

I want all the great basics/blenders that this line has. Stripes, dots, ginghams...those are the fabrics that I use constantly.

Photo courtesy of Hawthorne Threads

Chromatics by AGF Studio

There are several prints in this line from past lines, but they're reproduced in multiple colorways. I, for one, want the above print in every single color. Yum.

Photo courtesy of Hawthorne Threads

Palos Verde Voile by A Creative Mint

I've been patiently waiting for that print to be released for several months. I'm not a patient person by nature. Also, note to self, must make a quilt in these colors!

Fabric that I want but can't find good enough pictures of:

-Wee Wander by Sarah Jane Studios
-Meadow by Leah Duncan [zomg the greens in this line look SO GOOD]
-Botanique by Joel Dewberry

And um, don't judge me, but I also want some prints from Lizzy House's Catnap, to make my kittyfluffs a pillow/bed.

So now that you know my deepest fabric desires...what about you?!

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