Friday, August 23, 2013

How should I quilt this?

How should I quilt this? by Sew Festive
How should I quilt this?, a photo by Sew Festive on Flickr.

When you're stumped...ask the Internet!

And so, quilty peeps who are much wiser than do you think I should quilt my Irish Chain? I have all the blocks sewn together and all the white squares cut out. I'm going to be dedicating my Saturday to sewing the top together.

But I have ZERO ideas on how to quilt this monstrosity. It's king size - each block finishes at 17". So those white spaces are pretty big. Because of the size I can't just do the diagonal quilting through the blue squares that I was considering. Plus I want the quilting to be kind of special, as this quilt is going on my bed. However, I'm quilting it on my home machine...



  1. This is stunning - I can't wait to see the whole thing! Did you consider quilting - as- you- go? Though that might mess up the design. Hm... you could do an all-over easy FMQ design, like loops - mark a straight line in painter's tape across the quilt and quilt above it... if I think of anything else I'll email you!

  2. I would consider doing a meander JUST in the white spaces (probably fairly densely) so that the blue blocks really pop!

  3. have you ever gone to the free motion quilting project blog? there are over 400 designs on there, I got inspiration for my next quilt already.


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