Friday, August 16, 2013

Fabric Friday!

It's been months since I've bought quilting fabric. I've been buying some cool fabric pieces here and there for clothing, but I hadn't stocked up on quilting cottons in a while.

So last week when everyone in my company got a surprise bonus I said, "Well by golly, I'm gonna go real crazy with some of this extra money. I'm gonna buy new bedsheets, a new toaster, and some fabric."

I know, have you ever met a wilder 20-something? I thought not.

I love to support indie shops and small businesses, but my wallet can't always afford that. I do about half and half, and I feel ok with that right now. So since I needed 6 yards of Cotton Couture Soft White to fill in the blank squares in my Irish Chain quilt, I stocked up on basics that were on sale.

I definitely prefer basics when quilting. I totally appreciate quilts that have amazing focal fabrics [I'm thinking AMH in particular] but I just can't figure out what to do with a large-scale multi-colored print. And I guess because large focal fabrics tend to be florals of some sort or another, and I'm more of a geometric gal myself. It's pretty interesting what you find out about your taste and style just buying fabrics. Well, my boyfriend doesn't think it's interesting, but then again, what does he know ;)

Fabrics pictured: La Creme Dots in Swiss in Red and Black, Jenean Morrison Grand Hotel, Michael Miller Ta Dot, Lizzy House Jewels, Violet Craft Waterfront Park Domino Dot, Denyse Schmidt Chicopee, AMH Field Study, Robert Kaufman Metro Living, those two bias stripes are Riley Blake, and the yellow polkadot is also I believe.

And then I took myself off to Knotted Thread to buy some Lush Uptown!

I think I need more of the Paint by Number print on the left because it would make an awesome autumn pillow. Or napkins. Or anything. The colors are so rich.

I hope we all get in some sewing time this weekend! TGIF :)


  1. This twenty-something-year-old would have done the same thing with a raise! New bedsheets, fabric and maybe a food processor instead of a toaster :) Love your fabric choices!!

  2. Hahaha I would have bought the same things, too! Except probably a new Keurig. Lol. I also buy a ton of basics but then I go head-over-heels for everything AMH so I definitely have a lot of random fabric that doesn't always fit! You bought some beautiful stuff.

  3. I think its the new 20-something fad :) My money tends to get lost when it sees fabric :)

  4. I probably would have said something very similar. I have a change jar filling up which is labeled "apartment needs" haha


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