Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do sewing machines throw temper tantrums?

I'm working on a project that was due, like, yesterday.

It uses velveteen and metallic thread. My sewing machine apparently HATES metallic thread.

I've adjusted the tension, I've changed needles, I've offered a sacrifice to the sewing gods...

Regular thread works just peachy.


Any thoughts on a possible fix?

In other news:
I just received word from Shannon, the editor, that Stitch Craft Create magazine is ceasing publication. The current newsstand issue [Spring 2013] is the last issue. I really liked this magazine! It's a sad commentary on the state of print journalism in this day and age.

Plus I had a project that I made for the Winter 2013 issue that will obviously no longer be published.

The plus side for you is that now it will be a tutorial for the blog!

Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. I asked my mom for suggestions. She says metallic thread is tough to work with, as you've already learned. Her two thoughts:

    1) There are special needles--"metallic embroidery needles." Supposedly, they guide the thread better without creating as much friction on the thread, which melts and breaks the thread.

    2) Slow down--that also helps with the friction issue.

    Good luck!

  2. There are metallic embroidery needles - I use Schmetz and an oil pad. And I use my upright spool stand instead of the machine spindle. The Sulky site might help:

  3. Definitely try a metallic needle and go slow. When I use metallic thread any other kind of needle shreds my thread.

  4. I don't have any pointers about the sewing machine issues :( sorry. But, that's super sad about the magazine going- looking forward to the tutorial! When can you reveal? :)


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