Sunday, January 6, 2013

New favorite notion

Spoiler alert: That's not paper in the above photo. It's a Pellon tracing material that I've been using for pattern drafting. It feels like a medium-weight interfacing and you can wash it. It's held up muuuchh better than paper while I'm drafting and is still drape-able enough to hold it up to my mannequin. I might just have to trace my favorite patterns onto it for better storage and durability! Best part? I was able to get it on sale for only $1.50 per yard and it's 45" wide. Steal!

Spoiler alert #2: I've only been making and drafting clothing with my sewing time so far this year, so if you like dresses....hold onto your hats for a few months haha ;)


  1. I used something similar when working out my Colette violet blouse and I'll never go back. Can't wait to see you dresses!

  2. I have a few fancy ("heirloom") patterns that require tracing; I'm so glad I found that stuff instead of the tissue paper (like from presents) I'd been using - or even the interfacing the patterns recommended. Husband couldn't understand why I was spending money on "just paper", though! :-)


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