Monday, February 17, 2014

Instagram Happenings

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Bought 3.5 yards of 108" wide backing fabric from Botanics. It's got more of a drape than the regular width Botanics, which is weird. Can't wait to get quilting on my king-size Irish Chain!

Absolutely wondering how I got by making HSTs before I got a 4.5" square ruler. And zomg I love new rotary cutters. Like cutting through butter. With a fluffmuffin helper.

A 20" block from the Simplify Fireworks pattern for a baby quilt for my boss. It took forever to make this one block though, so I'm contemplating turning the quilt in more of a medallion shebang. My boss gave birth 2 weeks early, so I have to hurry on this!

I cut into some faaabulous rayon jersey to make a Deer and Doe Plaintain tshirt. With heart elbow patches!!! AHHH. Except in this picture you'll note that I accidentally sewed the sleeve on wrong. More on this pattern later.

But it's ok, because it turned out adorbs. I don't normally dress this precious, but I really went all out for Valentine's dinner this year ;)

Happy week to everyone!

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  1. Squee! Those hearts! Nice score with the Botanics. I wonder why the drape is different?

  2. The block is beautiful! And I love the tee (and the skirt!) - I'm going to download the free pattern too! Thanks for the tip! Is it very low cut?

  3. I vote yes on the medallion shebang. :) It'll look great! Your shirt is amazing too--way adorable!

  4. Cute stuff! I love all the pics of your in progress stuff (and kitties!) on IG! (I'm @lilmacsmomma, in case you were wondering who that is that's stalking you)


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