Sunday, January 5, 2014

I need a vacation from the holidays!

Does anyone else ever feel like they need a vacation after the holiday season? I'm exhausted! As I head into my first full week of work in over 2 weeks [ew], I thought I'd share my sewing-filled Christmas goodies.

I've asked for sewing notions and fabric every year for Christmas since I started sewing. I guess this year they finally decided that I'm serious about my hobby, and I actually got some stuff :)

Hilariously, I got not one, but two irons. When I was a teenager I never guessed I'd ask for an iron for Christmas, much less receive two of them. I ended up keeping the one with the precision tip, because zomg how cool. Oh and I got a $50 gift card to a fabric store, but forgot to add that to the picture :)

I also asked for Clover clips and and Olfa Splash, because all you peoples on the Internets rave about them.

And I asked for some smaller Omnigrid rulers, because as much as I adore my 12.5" square ruler, sometimes you gotta trim those pesky tiny HSTs.

My favorite present was this beautiful half-yard bundle of Botanics. Look how gorgeous all that color is. I was SO excited to open it, and even more excited to put it in color order. This generous gift came from my fabulous new fiance, who had actually told me I wasn't getting any Christmas presents due to the fact that he gave me a sparkly diamond a week before the holiday. But a few days before he proposed I sent him a text about the 30% off sale at Pink Castle Fabrics and included a link to the Botanics bundle that I was trying not to break down and buy. So he bought it instead and just crossed his fingers that I'd have the will to resist. Sigh, it's a beautiful bundle, guys.

I haven't had a spare moment to sew in weeks, and I can't wait to get to all my new stuff! But first...

...must clean up. Boo!


  1. Boo cleaning up. I did that today too =/ but yay for awesome gifts! Looking forward to our "competition." I was sketching yesterday!

  2. Oh congratulations. It's a lovely feeling having a sparkly ring on your finger that makes you smile every time you see it.

  3. Congratulations on your engagement and all your greta christmas goodies. I love Botanics and LOL the first thing I did was put it in color order too :-)


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