Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Sewing - Small Projects for Gifting

Whoa. I totally meant to be back here and post more last week. However, I just woke up from my too-much-turkey-and-stuffing-and-shopping coma. 

But I digress.

I finished up my sister's gingerbread pillow before she had to head back home last weekend. I did not finish my own pillow and I didn't make my other sister a pillow. Nor did I take pictures of this finished pillow. Because of that coma. [Don't worry, my older sister got lots of Santa gnomas to make up for her pillow loss.]

Then I decorated for Christmas! I have one sweet and sour fluffmuff kitty who was all up in our Christmas tree jam last year, and then we got another kitten earlier this year. So I wasn't playing any games with those guys. But I LOVE ornaments and decorating, and I wasn't willing to give that up. Enter: our living room ledge. This is the weirdest space and previously held no regular decorations. It's just so...big...

Now it holds awesome paper stars from IKEA, a double garland wrapped in lights by yours truly, a giant empty box wrapped as a present, and a light-up glass present. Plus, ornaments! I have a 2.5 ft real tree that has no ornaments on it as well. Take that cats!

As far as sewing goes, in addition to the decorations that I was making last weekend, I whipped up some quick sachets to send in all the care packages to friends I was mailing out. Because who doesn't need their underoos and socks to smell like a field of lavender?!

All you need is some orphan charm squares, the filling of your choice, and a funnel. And really, the funnel is just optional for your convenience! 

My charm squares are from Seaside by October Afternoon. I looove the line, but I've had the charm pack for quite some time and hadn't used it, so I figured I might as well hop to it. Plus it's a great collection that is cohesive, yet has prints that are masculine-friendly and prints that are very feminine. The back of the sachets are navy Essex linen, which I thought might breathe better to release the scents. My fillings are lavender and cedar shavings. Feminine and masculine ;) I bought both from an Etsy shop, which had excellent service. However, I was so offended by the terrible service I received at the first shop that I approached to purchase the items. Let me just say, the fact that it's online and your customer isn't directly in front of you does not mean you can treat them badly!

Anyways, you sew the charm squares up with a normal 1/4" seam, leaving an opening about an inch, or large enough to put your funnel into. I realized throughout this process that if you're filling your sachets with cedar shavings you might want a larger hole. Clip the corners, turn right-side out and press.

Fill them as much as desired. Hand-stitch the opening closed. My hand-stitching isn't invisible, but hopefully the recipients don't notice.

Gift wrap as desired! [My mom makes those cute little tags, aren't they adorable?!]

Sachets go so quickly assembly line style and are a fantastic item to just have on hand for a last-minute thoughtful gift.

Happy sewing :)

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