Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sartorial Saturday: Colette Hawthorn - almost done!

Colette Hawthorn - almost done! by Sew Festive
Colette Hawthorn - almost done!, a photo by Sew Festive on Flickr.

Today I'm working to finish up several clothing items that were languishing half-finished. I've already added the peplum this morning and completed all of the edgestitching, so now I need to figure out if I want sleeves and then install some buttonholes.

Side note: I've never used the buttonhole function on my current sewing machine, so I'm a little terrified!

Next item to finish? My Victoria Blazer!

Happy Saturday to all :)


  1. Love the fabric, it will be so pretty finished :)
    Also, if you have the button hole foot that plugs in for your machine, it is so easy peasy, BUT definitely do a practice run with multiple in a row so you can make sure the spacing is correct. (That's probably a huge duh, but I only practiced one and thought I was good to go, and of course when I went to do multiples it didn't work right and picking out button holes is sooo not cool)


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