Monday, July 8, 2013

The bad side of publication

Having your sewing ideas accepted for publication is super exciting. Knowing that your design/construction is unique and appreciated, and getting paid for that work, is amazing.

The downside is when you're only working on things that can't be shown and it feels like you're never making progress that you can share. And the sharing is one of my favorite parts of this whole bloggy business!

So there you have a snippet of the quilt that I made last weekend. An entire quilt, after weeks of not much sewing, and yet I can't tell you about it. Very sad.

I've still been working on my Irish Chain bed quilt, and I've been plugging away on a Colette Laurel and Hawthorn, a Wiksten Tank, and a By Hand London Victoria Blazer [I get a little bit crazy with cutting out clothing patterns].

Here's to hoping I'm at a sharing point soon!

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