Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A super quick turnaround

I got out of my work training class really early yesterday.

Picked up my mail at 3:30. I NEEDED yardage of that Urban Mod print and then I threw in a cute little mini charm pack of The Boo Crew by Sweetwater.

I haven't had a chance to sew lately, so I threw off any responsibilities I might have had today and got to work. I added in some extra fabric and was cutting by 3:45.

My trusty helpers were by my side the entire time for moral support.

By 5 I had a completed pillow top! Those little monsters are so darn cute.

It's going to get some spiderweb quilting later tonight and then I'll be all set for Halloween!

I'm making simple patchwork pillows because I think they go with everything, so it will join my newest neutral patchwork pillow that was finished to be the constant pillow on the couch. Then I can just trade out smaller pillows for the holidays/season.

It felt so so good to just piece some squares. And by golly if that isn't the fastest I've ever used a fabric after receiving it :)

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  1. I agree - I absolutely LOVE the look of patchwork quilts and pillows!

  2. Love the postage stamp cushion and love that boo fabric :-)

  3. So cute and fast! I'd say that's a successful sewing sesh :) How's the new job??

  4. Simple square patchwork cushions are the cutest I think. love the chevron print in your cushion. x


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