Friday, December 14, 2012

Finish it Up Friday - A Collaborative Quilt

  • Blocks were sent from all over the world [all extra blocks were forwarded on to Jenn to hopefully make another quilt!]
  • Approximately 58x67"
  •  Scared the beejeebus out of me when I pulled it out of the wash and the traditional fabrics had bled onto the white within their individual blocks! Washed a few more times and hopefully it's not too noticeable. That's the first time that's happened to me :(

  •  Snuggly blue polka dot flannel backing
  • Someone made and mailed me binding and I'm not going to lie, it was HEAVEN to have it made already. So I'm accepting applications for a binding-maker ;)

  •  Used up every last creative juice I had for the end of the month of November, since I overextended myself last month, and was a grumpy mess by the end of it. I was excited to make the quilt, but was having the darndest time coming up with a solution for mixing the modern and traditional fabrics and combining the blocks that were oriented in different directions.
  • Made a coral star out of Silent Cinema for one of the warm color stars [top left]

  •  Quilted using straight-lines around the star blocks and then squares quilted in the negative space. I wanted to just straight line quilt in the sashing, but my sashing didn't line up because I had to fudge a little on sewing some blocks together to make them all the same size. So the squares were my quilting solution. And in the end, I like it.
  • Quilted using my mom's old machine, which was bizarre, and the reason I couldn't FMQ it. Also, her machine is quieter than mine, which was glorious.

  •  Made up an extra top and backing out of an old sheet set and some patriotic blocks that were sent. I dig it.
  •  Sent Jennifer a 45" square Children at Play quilt that was the first quilt I ever finished, so hopefully she can find a kid who needs a little bit of whimsy

  • Speaking of Jennifer, she needs the biggest thank-you in the world for organizing all of this. Such a big heart!
  • Thanks also go out to all those who contributed blocks, sent me batting, pre-made binding, and a quilt label
  • It makes me feel really good to be part of this community :)
  • Someone please finish my Christmas shopping for me. Please.
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  1. You have been busy! So horrid about the bleeding in the wash. Total nightmare!

  2. These look fabulous! I'm eagerly anticipating their arrival, thank you thank you for volunteering to help me with this endeavor!!

  3. I laughed at your last bullet point. No joke, I hear you. The quilt came out beautiful though! Seriously in love with the design.

  4. I really like how you arranged the blocks for the Hurricane Sandy quilt! Thank you for helping with the effort, I agree-it's wonderful to be part of a community that desires to help others!


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